About Juni:

My journey to ceramics was not a conventional one. My background is actually in aerospace engineering. I earned my Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and later lectured at RMIT University in Melbourne.

I developed my ceramic practice while living in the US, from 2015 to 2022. After enrolling in my first 6 week class, I truly fell in love with clay. Here was something that enabled me to work tactilely (which was a relief from the previous ‘thinking’, or rather, ‘overthinking’ I was doing) to create something beautiful yet functional that we incorporate in our daily routines. I learned as much as I could from other potters and teachers about the basic fundamentals of throwing, hand building and glazing.

Although I like to consider myself a versatile potter, I must admit that I do love creating pieces by throwing on the wheel the most. I think because it’s such an underestimated skill - it takes patience, focus, and discipline. But once you get over the initial beginner’s awkwardness, I’ve found you can let go of external stressors and lose yourself to the art of throwing a bowl. Probably because of my engineering background, my preference tends to be in making utilitarian pieces with good design principles. I like the idea of my pieces being used, handled, on a daily basis.

I always approach teaching with two goals - teach students what the fundamentals are and how to master them, and provide an environment that encourages and celebrates their own creative expression of this art form.